APS News Release

Glebe Educator Named Gifted Teacher of the Year

Glebe Educator Named Outstanding Gifted Teacher Outstanding Gifted Teacher Stephanie McIntyre The Virginia Association for the Gifted named Glebe Elementary School teacher Stephanie McIntyre the 2016 Outstanding Teacher of the Gifted for Region IV East. The annual award recognizes and highlights the accomplishments of talented educators who provide services to gifted students in the Commonwealth. McIntyre was recognized for exhibiting outstanding qualities related to gifted education in the areas of teaching, curriculum development and adaptation, working with gifted children/youth, working with parents/guardians of gifted children/youth, and dealing with other staff and administrators. The award also recognizes teachers who demonstrate a strong commitment to gifted education through professional experiences, professional organizations, and services in the area of education for the gifted. McIntyre will be presented with the award at the upcoming Virginia Association for the Gifted annual conference later this year.