APS News Release

Extended Day, Pre-K Montessori and Community Peer Pre-K Program Credits to be Applied to Future Fees

APS has been contacted about March and April fees paid for Extended Day and Pre-K programs, including Primary Montessori and the Community Peer Pre-K Program (CPP). Any advance payments for services in the second half of March and beyond will be applied as a credit to each family’s account. These credits will be applied to future fees when services resume.

Refunds for the unused services in the second half of March will be issued if a family will no longer need the services once services resume or has extenuating circumstances. Refunds will not be issued if the family account has an outstanding balance.

Under normal circumstances, refunds take 4-6 weeks. Families can expect refund processing to take up to 12 weeks due the school closure.

For additional information, or to request a refund, please contact:

  • Extended Day Office – 703-228-6069 or extended.day@apsva.us
  • Primary Montessori – earlychildhood@apsva.us
  • Community Peer Pre-K Program – earlychildhood@apsva.us