APS News Release

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Literary and Visual Arts Contest Winners Announced

Today, Arlington Public Schools announced the winners of the 2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Literary and Visual Arts contest.

Twenty-four entries were chosen out of more than 1,000 submissions in this year’s contest. A video that highlights this year’s winners will be presented at Arlington County’s 47th annual tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Sun, Jan. 15 at Wakefield High School, 1325 S. Dinwiddie St. The Arlington School Board will also honor the students at its meeting on Thu, Jan. 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Dr. King was a brilliant and brave leader. His truth, dedication and commitment resonated with people across our nation and throughout the world. Today, his fearless dedication to equality and peaceful progress continue to inspire and challenge all of us.On March 8, 1965, Dr. King spoke about Courage and said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Dr. King urged all of us to feel passionate about freedom and justice—when we feel strongly, we must speak up and not remain silent.Using this quote from Dr. King, describe in writing or through visual art how speaking up (or being silent) about something can change your personal life, your community or the world.

Visual Art Winners
Grades 9 – 12
1 – Mignote Tadesse, Washington Lee High School, 10th Grade
2 – Bezawit Shimeles, Wakefield High School, 11th Grade
3 – Riley Mullen, Washington-Lee High School, 12th Grade

Grades 6 – 8
1 – Jessica Sugura-Jimenez, Stratford, 7th Grade
2- Alexandra McDonald, Williamsburg, 8th Grade
3 – Nylah Panicker, Swanson, 6th Grade

Grades 3 – 5
1 – Aaron DeLeon, Drew, 4th Grade
2 – Enrique Lopez, Barrett, 5th Grade
3 – Sarah Furches, Nottingham, 5th Grade

Grades K- 2
1 – Graham Williams, Arlington Science Focus, 2nd Grade
2 – Luc Penella, Nottingham, 2nd Grade
3 – Sophie Reid, Key, 1st Grade

Literary Arts Winners
Grades 9 – 12
1 – Essi Wunderman, Washington-Lee High School, 11th Grade
2 – Brittany Weaver, Wakefield High School, 11th Grade
3 – Abidai Benitez, Wakefield High School, 10th Grade 

Grades 6 – 8
1 – Amelia Sahm, Jefferson Middle School, 6th Grade
2 – James Aldinger, HB Woodlawn Secondary Program, 7th Grade
3 – Susan Cordova, Kenmore Middle School, 8th Grade

Grades 3 – 5
1 – Lucy Griffiths, Glebe Elementary, 5th grade
2 – Ellie Grieco, Discovery Elementary, 5th grade
3 – Maryam Elgindy, ATS, 5th grade

Grades K – 2
1 – Akeemah Lee, Arlington Traditional School, 2nd grade
2 – Yanis Mehenni, Arlington Science Focus School, 2nd grade
3 – Elina Chainani, Arlington Traditional School, 2nd grade