APS News Release

Dept. of Public Health Seeks Community Feedback

The following is a message from the Arlington County Public Health Division:

We want to hear from you! Destination 2027 uses feedback from community members, data about health in our community, and information about how well our local public health system is meeting national standards to identify how the Public Health Division can work with, and empower, Arlington residents and community based organizations to improve public health.

Our five minute, confidential online survey is open to all people who live, work, or play in Arlington County. We need your feedback to learn how to best improve the health of the community.

The survey is open until April 4. Feel free to call 703-228-5580 or email Destination2027@arlingtonva.us with questions or concerns. You can also learn more about our work at https://health.arlingtonva.us/pha/community-assessment/.  T

hank you for your support! – Arlington County Public Health Division