APS News Release

Construction Update for New Schools and Facilities: Fleet, The Heights and Dorothy Hamm

The Heights Theater
The Heights Theater.

Design & Construction has been busy overseeing several major construction projects set to open to students September 3. These projects are currently on schedule with the exception of the addition to Dorothy Hamm Middle School.

Alice West Fleet Elementary School, The Heights Building and the refresh of Drew and Henry are tracking on schedule to open on time.

The Existing Stratford Building set to open in the fall as Dorothy Hamm Middle School is following on track to open to 700+ students in the existing portion of the building. The addition has been delayed by 60 rain and snow days and is currently projected to open during the Fall.

The Heights
The Heights Building Exterior.

To keep updated on these projects, follow their monthly progress on the APS website.

Alice West Fleet.

You can also follow progress on the Facilities and Operations Twitter page.