APS News Release

Claremont Students Earn Honors in National STEM Competition


Three teams from Claremont Immersion School competed and earned honors in the Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Science competition for K-12 students that engages the next generation in real world problem solving with a strong emphasis on STEM.

  • One team of two 5th grade students has been announced as a Regional Winner: Micah Vance and Karen Lamson.
  • Two teams, with two students on each team,  will receive Honorable Mentions: 5th graders Camila Kronfli and Leah Rodriguez, and 4th graders Ronan Doyle and Andrew Yoo.

Project Summary:
B.A.C.S. (Biomimicry Algae Cleanup System)Algal blooms are becoming very common as a threat to aquatic communities of both people and animals. The toxic red-tides are killing large quantities of marine life, poisoning people, and affecting national economies. We invented a Biomimicry Algae Cleanup System (B.A.C.S.) as a solution to the toxic algal blooms that are occurring. B.A.C.S. will not only protect wildlife by clearing up the toxic algae but also protect the environment by making biofuel from the algae collected from the cleanup process. B.A.C.S. will expand biofuel production and introduce the process of small scale biofuel manufacturing. B.A.C.S. will also provide us with extra biofuels for consumers and consequently reduce pollutants. In our design, the Biomimicry of a dolphin plays an important role Dolphins were specially selected due to their behavioral and physical adaptations. Our missions is to clear up coastal areas affected by toxic algal blooms like red-tide.

Two additional Claremont teams received Honorable Mention. These teams include fifth graders Camila Kronfli and Leah Rodriguez and fourth graders Ronan Doyle and Andrew Yoo.

To learn more about the competition, click here.