APS News Release

Arlington Students Earn Northern Virginia PTA Reflections Awards

PTA ReflectionsThe Northern Virginia District PTA announced the winners of their 2019-20 Northern Virginia District PTA Reflections Awards this week.

The following APS students earned awards.

Dance Choreography

  • Primary – 1st Place: Natalia Thornton, 1st grade, Montessori Public School of Arlington “Dancing With My Ancestors”
  • Intermediate – 1st Place: Mihika Sinha, 5th grade, Taylor Elementary School, “Me ‘A Tree’”
  • Middle School – 1st Place: Grace Fettig, 8th grade, Williamsburg Middle School, “To Be or Not To Be…Me”
  • High School – 3rd Place (tie): Elizabeth Mineau, 11th grade, Washington-Liberty High School, “The Movement of My Soul”

Film Production

  • Primary 1st Place: Theo Whiteman, Kindergarten, McKinley Elementary School, “Look Within Others”
  • Intermediate – 2nd Place: Mason Mirabile, 4th grade, Discovery Elementary School, “Look Who You Are”
  • Middle School – 3rd Place (tie): Eric Chung, 8th grade, Williamsburg Middle School, “Who Are You?”
  • Special Artist – 2nd Place: Marcelo Garcia-Rivera, 5th grade, McKinley Elementary School, “My Favorite Things”


  • Primary – 3rd Place (tie): Daniel Noonan, 1st grade, Key Elementary School, “Homophones Inside”
  • Intermediate – 3rd Place: Ariana Losos, 4th grade, Arlington Science Focus School, “Look Within a Photo”
  • Middle School – 2nd Place (tie): Evelyn Rives, 7th grade, Gunston Middle School, “Comfort Zone”
  • High School – Director’s Award: Charlotte Papacosma, 9th grade, Wakefield High School, “Can’t Do This Alone”

Music Composition

  • Primary – 2nd Place: Charlotte Na, 2nd grade, Nottingham Elementary School, “Happy”
  • Intermediate – 2nd Place (tie): Cate Branon, 5th grade, Jamestown Elementary School, “Wish You Were Mine”
  • Middle School – 2nd Place: Clara Crawford, 8th grade, Gunston Middle School, “Look Inside”
  • High School – Honorable Mention: Lindsay Glaccum, 9th grade, Yorktown High School, “The Magic Mirror”


  • Primary – 3rd Place (tie): Zara Oberoi, 1st grade, Montessori Public School of Arlington, “The Many Moods of Zara”
  • Intermediate – 2nd Place: Ella Engelhardt, 4th grade, Montessori Public School of Arlington, “Reflecting Within”
  • Middle School – 3rd Place (tie): Anna Brodsky, 6th grade, Dorothy Hamm Middle School, “Eye See Blue”
  • High School – 3rd Place Mila Sampson, 12th grade, Yorktown High School, “Colorful Stare”

Visual Arts

  • Primary – Honorable Mention: Valentina McCoy, K, Montessori Public School of Arlington, “Inside My Heart”
  • Intermediate – 3rd Place (tie): Gemma Walsh, 4th grade, Tuckahoe Elementary School, “Welcome to My House”
  • Middle School – 1st Place: Tatiana Fedoseeva, 8th grade, Williamsburg Middle School, “Behind the Mask”
  • High School – Honorable Mention: Madeleine Kenny, 10th grade, Washington-Liberty High School, “Headache”