APS News Release

Arlington Schools Make a Connection that Counts

ConnectArlingtonArlington Public Schools (APS) is kicking off the 2018-19 school year with a brand-new connection—ConnectArlington.

Thanks to a yearlong effort, 40 Arlington school facilities are now up and running on the County’s own fiber optic network. APS made the switch from a commercial provider to take advantage of ConnectArlington’s high-speed, dedicated network for digital telecommunications and broadband services.

ConnectArlington connects County and Schools facilities together, providing secure and cost effective Voice, Video and Data services. As a fiber optic network, ConnectArlington has virtually unlimited potential to deliver digital services, meeting today’s needs and laying a robust foundation for the future. ConnectArlington also provides a secure, seamless connection for other County operations including the libraries, public safety, transportation and traffic management.

In addition to providing greater agility, ConnectArlington offers what’s known as redundant connections. This means greater reliability and continued operations for the schools’ communications network, which is critical if an event occurs that would normally disrupt service. Also, as Schools’ data and technology needs grow in the future, ConnectArlington has the capacity to manage it and do it for less money than it would normally cost with an outside provider.

Learn more about the award-winning ConnectArlington network and find out how it is serves the County as a platform for the public good.