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Arlington High School Students on AATG Presidential Honor Roll

Arlington High School Students on AATG Presidential Honor Roll Forty-four percent of the students in Arlington’s Virtual@APS German Program have been recognized for their performance on the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) 2016 National German Exam (NGE) for High School Students. Half of those students earned Medals and special recognition on the Presidential Honor Roll for outstanding performance on the exam. This year, 26,572 students participated in the exam. The NGE, now in its 56th year, provides a means of comparing students in all regions of the US. Hal Boland, teacher of German at Heritage High School in Leesburg, Virginia and AATG President said, “The outstanding performance of these German students in our national competition brings honor to their school, their district, and their German program. The AATG salutes their tremendous accomplishment and the great work their teachers do.” Gold Medal Awards Leonie Alder (German 1; Washington-Lee High School); Charlotte Maskelony (German 1; Washington-Lee High School); Nicolas Hobbs (German 2; Washington-Lee High School); Sophia Cummings (German 2; Yorktown High School); Alexander Keuerleber (German 3; HB Woodlawn Secondary Program); Ian Moran (German 3; Wakefield High School) Silver Medal Awards Katariina Alanko (German 1; Washington-Lee High School); Christopher-Thomas Cordero (German 1; Washington-Lee High School); Erik Jurkovic (German 1; Wakefield High School); Vlad Gaginsky (German 1; Yorktown High School); Nathaniel Klein (German 2; HB Woodlawn Secondary Program) Bronze Medal Awards Grace Moore (German 3; Yorktown High School) Achievement Awards Carlos Wilson (German 1; Washington-Lee High School); Karolina Lajch (German 1; Wakefield High School); Theodore Vargas (German 1; Washington-Lee High School); Ian Davis-Hoff (German 1; Yorktown High School); Selene Acosta-Dominguez (German 1; Washington-Lee High School); Penn Bauman (German 2; Washington-Lee High School); Martin Ennis-Osorio (German 2; Wakefield High School); Katharine Hardage (German 2; Yorktown High School); Duncan Harvey (German 2; Washington-Lee High School); Providence Ice (German 2; Yorktown High School); John (Max) Undeland (German 2; Yorktown High School); Michael Silberstein (German 3; Washington-Lee High School)