APS News Release

APS Stop Arm Camera Program Resumes Oct. 3

The Arlington Public Schools School Bus Stop Arm Camera Program is scheduled to re-start on Mon, Oct. 3. APS is joining other school districts in the area to utilize this technology that will help improve the safety of students.

The Stop Arm Camera Program began last year with the installation of camera systems on buses to improve student safety. The program was initiated in an effort to address the dangerous and unsafe practice of drivers passing stopped school buses with the stop arm extended and red lights flashing while students were loading or unloading.

The program was suspended in the state last fall after an opinion from the Virginia Attorney General determined that the violations could not be mailed. Due to overwhelming support from parents and legislators, this issue in the Code of Virginia was addressed effective July 1.

As a final step, on Sept. 16, the Virginia Supreme Court adopted a new fine schedule which included 46.2-844 (Passing Stopped School Bus) to the list of pre-payable offenses. That fine schedule was effective immediately. Motorists caught passing a school bus with the stop arm deployed and its flashing red lights on will be subject to a fine of $250.

Arlington Public Schools has worked with the Arlington County Police Department and the Arlington County Attorney’s Office to affirm that the APS program meets the new state standards.