APS News Release

APS Names Support Employees of the Year

aps-mobile-logoArlington Public Schools is pleased to announce its 2018 Support Employees of the Year. These employees provide exceptional contributions, and demonstrate commitment, excellence and initiative in their field of work to support students and the instructional program. They also foster cooperative relationships with colleagues and the community while contributing to goals of the APS Strategic Plan.

The APS Support Employees of the Year and nominees will be recognized by the School Board along with the Teacher of the Year honoree and nominees and the APS Principal of the Year at the Celebration of Excellence ceremony at 6:30 p.m. on Tue, May 8, at Washington-Lee High School.

This year’s Support Employees of the Year are:

A-Scale: Beth Scott, Library Media Assistant, Oakridge
C-Scale: Renee Lopez-Veizaga,
Food Services Manager, Gunston
D-Scale: Endris Getahun,
School Bus Driver, Stratford
Michael Goodman, ITC, Kenmore
G-Scale: Ginny Barrow,
Educational Administrative Coordinator, Career Center
M-Scale: Rudy Moya Angulo
, HVAC Mechanic, Facilities and Operations
X-Scale: Tarica Mason,
Extended Day Supervisor, Barcroft

This Year’s nominees are:

Sushma Gulat, Kindergarten Assistant, Glebe
Teresa Short, Kindergarten Assistant, ASFS
Anita O’Brien, Kindergarten Assistant, Taylor
Margolinda Rodriguez, Library/Media Assistant, Barcroft
Lora Migliore Shelly, Library/Media Assistant, ATS
Wafa Ahmed, Special Education Assistant, McKinley
Maria Jimenez, ESOL/HILT Assistant, Campbell
Toby Peabody, Library/Media Assistant, Randolph
Nataki G. Samuels, School Resource Assistant, Jefferson
Robert Maghan, School Resource Assistant, Kenmore
Juan Reyes, School Resource Assistant, Gunston
Tonique Mason, Special Education Assistant, Barrett
Boramy Nginn, ESOL/HILT Assistant, Wakefield
Randy Lott Jr., Special Education Assistant, Drew
Deborah Staren-Doby, Instructional Assistant, Abingdon
Daniel Pope, Security Resource Assistant, Arlington Community High School
Patricia Almeyda, VPI Assistant, Key
Jazmyn Beckford, Preschool Assistant, Patrick Henry
Fozia Maqbool, Special Education Assistant, Hoffman-Boston
Alexander Mercado-Reza, Special Education Assistant, Yorktown
Jorge Caballero, School Resource Assistant, Washington-Lee
Yesenia Martinez, Bilingual Family Resource Assistant, Career Center
Vincent Murray, Special Education Assistant, Swanson
Myeshia Elam, Kindergarten Assistant, Ashlawn
Rosario Quinteros Iriarte, Special Education Assistant, Stratford

Diane Silva, Food Services Worker, Kenmore

Katherine Hale, ITC, Gunston
Hae-Lee Solomon, ITC, Williamsburg
Catherine Lin, Energy/Stormwater Mgt. Program Administrator, Facilities and Operations

Sandra Amores, Educational Administrative Coordinator, Discovery
Jodee Lynne Jones, Educational Administrative Coordinator, Jamestown
Catrina Moran, Educational Administrative Assistant, Tuckahoe
Donna Gavin, Library/Media Administrative Assistant, Jefferson
Sue Nuhn, Educational Administrative Assistant, Kenmore
Tamika Rector, Educational Administrative Assistant, Gunston
David Criollo, Educational Administrative Coordinator, Wakefield
Sonia Argenal Hernandez, Educational Administrative Assistant, Williamsburg
Patricia Rojas, Educational Administrative Specialist, Yorktown
Carmen Mejia, Educational Administrative Coordinator, Washington-Lee

Lidia Gomez, Custodial Supervisor, Discovery
Dilma Reyes, Custodial Supervisor, Nottingham
Rosa Torres, Custodial Supervisor, Jefferson
Anthony Nguyen, Custodian, Kenmore
Johnnie Jones, Custodial Supervisor, Gunston
Fernando Castro, Custodial Supervisor, Wakefield
Guido Mercado, Custodial Supervisor, Drew
Johnny DeLeon, Custodial Supervisor, Long Branch

Andrea Ross, Extended Day Assistant Supervisor, Campbell