APS News Release

APS German Students Earn 2017 National German Exam Awards

Sixty-four percent of APS German students earned awards this year after taking the National German Exam. Half of the students who earned medals have been placed on the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) Presidential Honor Roll.

The honorees include:

German 1
Gold Medal Award Winners
Rado and Dora Angelov, Wakefield

Silver Medal Award Winners
Katharine Martin, Yorktown; Cordelia Medrick, Washington-Lee; and José Orellana-Alfaro Wakefield

Bronze Medal Award Winners
Zillia Dollinger and Sophia Paz, Yorktown; Lara Gecewicz, Washington-Lee; and Igor Osadchyi, Wakefield

Achievement Award Winners
Matthew Fallon, Jared Wal and Kelso Wilkin, Yorktown; Minh Giang and Lkhamdulam Tsend-Ayush, Washington-Lee; and Phuong Anh Nguyen, Wakefield

German 2
Gold Medal Award Winners
Katariina Alanko, Washington-Lee

Achievement Award Winners
Selene Acosta-Dominguez and Paul Griffin, Washington-Lee; Gwenyth Covington, Wakefield; Vlad Gaginsky, William Hall and Katharine Hardage, Yorktown

German 3
Gold Medal Award Winners
Mia Fisher, Wakefield; Alvaro Guzman Campoy, Nicolas Hobbs and Anna Reiner, Washington-Lee

Achievement Award Winners
Sophia Cummings and John (Max) Undeland, Yorktown