APS News Release

APS French Students Earn National Recognition

APS French students earned national recognition in the 2020 Grand Concours (National French Contest) sponsored by the American Association Teachers of French.

In a typical year, approximately 70,000 students of French in grades 1-12 compete against students for prizes. This year, students had to complete the National French Contest online from home with their teachers proctoring remotely.

This challenging contest assesses reading, listening and grammar skills in French. The following winners in French 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and AP will each receive a National Lauréat Certificate, and the silver and bronze winners will also receive medals.

Wakefield High School:
Silver (90th and 85th percentiles):

  • Edwin Mann and Hannah Figueredo

Bronze (75th and 80th percentiles):

  • Mackenzie Jordan, Jocelyn Argueta Medina, Lilyana Demerdijieva, Elena Cura, Sarah Mirrow, Ainsley Pollock, Natalia Uro-De Leon

Mention d’honneur (50th – 70th percentile):

  • Sufia Kaddouri, Owen Andrews, Karla Guerra-Sanchez, Desteny Lopez, Nabela Rahman, Caitlin Tramontozzi, Sasha Kotliarov, Natasha Salas, Sofia Abela, Courtney Hanley, Ailis Brown, Anna Ingram, Kareena Stowers

Swanson Middle School

  • Ally Bass and Charlie Whitmore;


  • Clara Golner, Grayson Haney, and Olivia Hejl;

Honorable Mention:

  • Kate Herrmann, Rina Kopylev, Julie Marco, Edin Semovski, and Leila Unzueta-Ventura

Yorktown High School

  • Nathan Dent


  • Lillian Keith, Madeleine Ames, Allison Craig, Kate Lacey, Madeline Lincoln,


  • Rebecca Corral, Nathan Hosmer, Nora Keith, Julia Mercer, Lydia Chenoweth, Matthew Mundt

Mention d’honneur

  • Emma Claire Holloway, Clare Lewis, Sofia Zate, Casey baxter, Charlotte Davis, Lillian Hendrey, Alex Ito, Jocelyn LaForce Regli, Sam Youkeles, Jackie Kabiri, Sophie Soller, Yonathan Yohannes