APS News Release

APS Announces 2019 Support Employees of the Year

Arlington Public Schools (APS) is pleased to announce its 2019 Support Employees of the Year. These are employees who make exceptional contributions to APS and demonstrate commitment, excellence and initiative in their respective fields of work to support students and instructional programs. They also foster cooperative relationships with colleagues and the community while contributing to the APS mission and goals.

Support Employees of the Year are nominated by supervisors or colleagues, they are selected by their peers, and represent all areas of the organization – from instructional assistants and bus drivers, to extended day, custodial and food services staff.

“Congratulations to this year’s APS Support Employees of the Year,” said APS Superintendent Dr. Patrick Murphy. “These honorees represent the best of APS, and their outstanding contributions to our students and programs help make Arlington’s schools among the best in the state. We thank all of the nominees for their commitment to excellence and congratulate them on this well-deserved recognition.”

The eight APS Support Employees of the Year and all of the nominees will be recognized by the School Board, along with the Teacher of the Year honoree and nominees and the APS Principal of the Year at the Celebration of Excellence ceremony at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14, at Washington-Lee High School.

This year’s Support Employees of the Year are:

Christy Przystawik A-Scale – Christy Przystawik, Instructional Assistant – Campbell Elementary School
Freddie Lee CScale – Freddie Lee, Food Services Manager – Jamestown Elementary School
Transpo DScale – Idris Beshir Abdu, School Bus Driver – Transportation Services
Cathy Lin EScale – Catherine Lin, Energy/Stormwater Management Program Administrator
Duane Lomis EScale – Duane Lomis, Video Systems Engineer – Information Services
Endia Holmes G-Scale – Endia Holmes, Executive Administrative Assistant – Finance and Management Services
Idris Beshir Abdu M-Scale – Derrick Clarke, Custodian – Long Branch Elementary School
Latoya Hill X-Scale – Latoya Hill, Extended Day Supervisor – Tuckahoe Elementary School

Support Employee Nominees


  • Vanessa Coleman-Denney, Teacher Assistant – Swanson Middle School
  • Claudia Martinez, HILT/ESOL Instructional Assistant – Jefferson Middle School
  • Clare McLean, Special Education Instructional Assistant – Abingdon Elementary School
  • Jennifer Buckley, Instructional Assistant – Barrett Elementary School
  • John Castaneda, Special Education Resource Assistant – Wakefield High School
  • Celia Arnade, Bilingual Family Liaison – Ashlawn Elementary School
  • Christine Schofield, Resource Assistant – Nottingham Elementary School
  • Jeaneth Andrade, Assistant – Stratford
  • Veronica Muňoz, Instructional Assistant – Washington-Lee High School
  • Karen Taylor, Special Education Paraprofessional – Gunston Middle School
  • Vasthy Delgado, Bilingual Family Liaison – Arlington Community High School
  • Erica McGlothlin, Kindergarten Assistant – Discovery Elementary School
  • Leroy Dewitt, Multi-Intervention Program for Students with Autism (MIPA) Assistant – Drew Model School
  • Ikea Gunn, Special Education Assistant – Patrick Henry Elementary School
  • Melida Reyes, Resource Assistant – Arlington Career Center
  • Nury Castillo-Zelaya, Instructional Assistant – Barcroft Elementary School
  • Jarvin Winger, ESOL/HILT Instructional Assistant – Arlington Science Focus School
  • Cathy Day, Instructional Assistant/Asperger Program – Yorktown High School
  • Allison Walker, ESOL/HILT Assistant – Taylor Elementary School
  • Mungunzaya S. Coughlin, Bilingual Family Liaison – Hoffman-Boston Elementary School
  • Ruth De Arandia, Kindergarten Instructional Assistant – Arlington Traditional School


  • Quiyi Chen, Food Services – Washington-Lee High School
  • Rigat M. Tesfay, Food Services – Gunston Middle School


  • Russell Hunter, Bus Driver – Transportation Services


  • Luis Matos Malavé, Activities Coordinator – Gunston Middle School
  • Charles Randolph, ITC – Arlington Career Center


  • Brittany Dennis, Treasurer – Gunston Middle School
  • Denisse Ruiz, Educational Administrative Coordinator – Oakridge Elementary School
  • Colleen Calhoun, Registrar/Administrative Assistant – Glebe Elementary School
  • Mary McNeill, Administrative Assistant to the Principal – Carlin Springs Elementary
  • Stephanie Matadial, Administrative Assistant to the Principal & Educational Coordinator – Barrett Elementary School
  • Lisseth Mosquera, Administrative Specialist – Department of Teaching & Learning
  • Julaine Frye, Educational Administrative Coordinator – Arlington Career Center
  • Willow Scott, Administrative Assistant – Wakefield High School
  • Traci Garner, Educational Administrative Assistant – Washington-Lee High School
  • Alicia Zekan, Educational Administrative Assistant, Swanson
  • Teresa Montoya, Educational Administrative Assistant, Key


  • Anthony Lee, Building Supervisor – Arlington Career Center
  • Rodney Callands, Building Supervisor/Lead Custodian – Kenmore Middle School
  • Juan Garay Flores, Plumber – Facilities and Operations
  • Daniel Degracia, Custodial Building Supervisor – H-B Woodlawn
  • Savoeuth Kong, Custodian – Williamsburg Middle School
  • Lamar Sykes, Custodian – Gunston Middle School
  • Blanca Castillo, Custodian – Barrett Elementary School
  • Maria Veizaga, Custodian – Washington-Lee High School
  • Michael Ray, Building Supervisor – Swanson Middle School


  • Xavier Cooper, Extended Day Aide – Barrett Elementary School