APS News Release

APS and School Resource Officers Work Group Seeks Committee Members

The School Board adopted the charge and established the APS and School Resource Officers Work Group at its Oct. 8 meeting.

The work group has been created to primarily address the community concerns expressed to the School Board and Superintendent regarding the relationship and the operations that Arlington County Police Department (ACPD) have with APS. The work of the Work Group will also serve to meet the requirement to review the memorandum of understanding with our local law enforcement and ensure opportunity for community input during the review per VA Code § 22.1-280.2:3.

With its creation, the School Board is seeking volunteers to serve on the work group will include students; parents; staff; advisory council members; community members; and the Arlington County Police. The work group of 48 members will be facilitated by a professional facilitator.

Working group members will participate actively in reviewing research, discussing, and formulating recommendations to the Superintendent and School Board on the relationship between APS and ACPD School Resource Officers (SROs). Each group member will attend the December 2020 kick off meeting, the January 2021 town hall, and monthly work group meetings from January to June.

Work group members will work together to formulate recommendations to the Superintendent and School Board for submission in June 2021. All information, including the application, will be included on the Engage webpage.

Applications will be accepted through Nov. 9 and the School Board will approve work group members at the Dec. 3 meeting.