APS All Stars for July 2022 Announced

APS all stars logoAPS is excited to announce the July 2022 APS All Stars, selected out of over several hundred outstanding staff nominees! These individuals demonstrate excellence in collaboration, equity, inclusivity, integrity, innovation and stewardship. They are members of the APS team who are the first to pitch in, who bring a positive attitude to their work, and go above and beyond to serve students. Congratulations to these individuals!

Monica Roache, Assistant Principal, Jamestown

Words to Describe This APS All Star: Positive, Professional, Teammate, Committed to Students
About this APS All Star: The nominator wrote, “I don’t think Dr. Roache ever sleeps! She is committed to Jamestown and the greater APS at large. Outside of school, she is also a leader within her neighborhood and a passionate member in her sorority. At Jamestown, Dr. Roache models professional behaviors and personal integrity in all her interactions. She remains calm in difficult situations and has hard conversations when needed. She is a champion for building a positive school environment, working to bring staff together for fun and entertaining whole school staff events. Dr. Roache establishes a climate of trust and teamwork, developing meaningful working relationships with staff and an excellent rapport with students and families by being fair, caring and respectful. What I appreciate most about Dr. Roache is that she is a loyal teammate, who supports the mission and vision of Jamestown, and will do everything she can to ensure the smooth operation of the school daily and the overall well-being of all our students and staff throughout the year.


Lourdes Sotomayor, Teacher, Washington-Liberty

Words to Describe This APS All Star: Enthusiastic, Student-Centered, Knowledgeable, Innovative, Dedicated
About this APS All Star: Ms. Sotomayor is the “go-to” science teacher at Washington-Liberty. She is knowledgeable and always available to help other teachers. She is an expert in Biology and teaches IB Bio HL. However, she is also an expert on teaching all levels of Biology and Chemistry!! She has at times taught several biology courses. She does innovative hands-on labs and has written numerous grants to bring high-technology tools to W-L which benefit students of all levels. She decorates her room with posters highlighting scientists of all backgrounds and ethnicities, so all her students can see themselves as scientists. This summer, along with teaching summer school Biology, Ms. Sotomayor is working collaboratively with three other science teachers at W-L on a set of Science Project lessons that will guide students efficiently and equitably through the process that will be made available county-wide.As an academic team sponsor, Ms. Sotomayor guides a large group of students in practice and competition. The joy you experience if you come into her room for an after-school practice is palpable. Ms. Sotomayor is truly a superstar who even is working during the summer in summer school to help students pass the Biology SOL. They are truly lucky to have her as a teacher.


Tina McPherson, Instructional Assistant, Shriver
Words to Describe This APS All Star: Honest, Caring, Dedicated, Proud and Solid
About this APS All Star: Ms. McPherson is one of the most patient and caring people I have ever met. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and has the ability, patience, and inner personal skills to work with ALL students and staff. She is the definition of “putting students first.” In difficult and complex situations, she remains calm and collective. I have observed her lead morning meetings and adaptive PE classes. She greets every student by name and constantly finds ways to improve student learning.


Gabriela Rivas, Assistant Principal, Barcroft

Words to Describe This APS All Star: All about the kids, always!
About this APS All Star: Ms. Rivas is relentless in doing everything possible to make sure Barcroft students get what they need to be successful. This summer she took the responsibility and the initiative to get every student enrolled in summer school to attend summer school at Carlin Springs. She called families over the 4th of July weekend, she drove Mom’s and children without transportation to Carlin Springs and drove them home, she checked in on every student in their classroom during the first week of summer school, she problem solved with transportation to get every eligible student on a bus, and she met with individual summer school teachers to give them insights and ideas to best connect with our Barcroft eagles.  Because of Ms. Rivas, Barcroft students in summer school saw a smiling familiar face waiting for them knowing they matter, and their learning matters.


Kerry Abbott, Teacher, Abingdon

Words to Describe This APS All Star: Dedicated, innovative, engaging, thoughtful, charismatic
About this APS All Star: Ms. Abbott has been an essential member of Abingdon’s staff for nearly 20 years. She has served in roles ranging from classroom teacher to specialist and ITC. Her commitment to the Abingdon community has never wavered; she seamlessly integrates technology in meaningful ways and treats students like her own children.  Ms. Abbott creates an inclusive community where her students become family. She recently attended the wedding of a former fifth-grade student! This summer, she welcomed students from several other schools into her classroom with the same warmth and dedication she provided to Abingdon students for years.