APS All Stars Announced for May 2023

APS is excited to announce the May 2023 APS All Stars, selected out of several hundred outstanding staff nominees! These individuals demonstrate excellence in collaboration, equity, inclusivity, integrity, innovation and stewardship. They are members of the APS team who are the first to pitch in, bring a positive attitude to their work and go above and beyond to serve students. Congratulations to these individuals!

Tammie Jones
Trade Center – (Maintenance/Bus/Transportation/Facilities)
Support/Non-Instructional Staff

Kindest bus driver

Ms. Jones drives bus route 805 to and from Fleet. She is kind, compassionate, understanding, and thoughtful. From having Kleenex for siblings to creating bunny bags for the kids at the start of spring break, she creates community. She is incredibly supportive of the needs of students with disabilities. In only two days, we went from months of a child refusing to ride the bus to a child willing and able to take the bus each and every day.

Robin Stewart
Teacher/Instructional Staff

An amazingly talented math teacher

Mr. Stewart is an awesome math teacher. He is patient, kind, caring, fun and just a great teacher. I normally struggle in math and it is my best subject this year because of Mr. Stewart’s patience. He takes the time to sit with students and go over problems that they got wrong on tests or homework. He makes sure that we fully understand the content. His classes are fun and I love the prizes he gives out.

Kyra Wohlford
Teacher/Instructional Staff

Dynamite and irreplaceable

Ms. Wohlford has been a solid teammate since I arrived at Cardinal. She has guided our team and other teachers with assurance and experience. Her ability to give the right advice based on years of expertise has made every challenging decision a carefully guided one. She comes with the best-smiling attitude every day and she is a natural leader and mentor to the staff and a guiding light for the students.

Emily Upton
Integration Station
Teacher/Instructional Staff

Compassionate Empathetic Attentive Diligent Optimistic

Ms. Upton is a special education teacher who supports toddlers in general education settings. She is an exemplary teacher, colleague, and resource for parents. She works with the aim of building genuine connections and trust with her very young students, their parents, and the other staff in the classroom. For many children, Ms. Upton is the first teacher they will experience; in a matter of minutes, any observer can see she is a safe, caring adult that every child in the room seeks out for love, support, and learning. She sees the strengths in every child first and works to build on those while supporting their needs. The manner in which she speaks to and about her students is one of compassion, esteem, and genuine enjoyment. She helps parents throughout their first IEP and school experience with sensitivity, attention to detail, and empathy. We are so lucky to have Ms. Upton at Integration Station!

Carlos Ramirez
Teacher/Instructional Staff

Exceptional, Passionate, Intelligent, Vibrant, Hard Worker

Mr. Ramirez is a dynamic, courageous and amazing school principal. He leads and serves straight from his heart! When you are in his presence, you feel his energy, love and care for his students, staff and families. He is an instructional and transformational leader! Any student who walks through his door will be welcomed, valued and educated to the highest standard. This love and passion also extend to his staff. He is masterful at developing strong relationships and making sure that his team focuses on the “big rocks.” We are very fortunate to have someone of his caliber on our team!