APS All Stars Announced for June 2023

APS is excited to announce the June 2023 APS All Stars, selected out of several hundred outstanding staff nominees! These individuals demonstrate excellence in collaboration, equity, inclusivity, integrity, innovation and stewardship. They are members of the APS team who are the first to pitch in, bring a positive attitude to their work and go above and beyond to serve students. Congratulations to these individuals!

Damon “DJ” Corprew

Helpful, knowledgeable, responsive, organized, kind

Mr. Corprew is one of a kind. He is the special education administrative assistant at Jamestown ES, but he does SO much more for the school. On any given day, you can find him scheduling meetings, communicating with parents, helping his colleagues, and being a trusted adult for students. It is amazing all that he accomplishes within a day. The special education meeting schedule is so organized and easy to understand. He works with all case carriers, administrators, and parents to find mutually convenient meeting times. Mr. Corprew understands the ends and outs of the school and always has an answer for why something will or will not work for the schedule. He helps with many tasks that are not part of his traditional job responsibilities. He is one of the first that is called when a student is having a rough time as he often knows what to do in all situations. It is impossible to put into words all that Mr. Corprew does during the average school day. He is simply amazing!

Nicola Farris

Determined, thorough, hardworking, dedicated, kind

Ms. Farris is Langston’s Testing Coordinator & Registrar. She happens to be a perfectionist and it serves our students & staff well because of it! While she has only been with APS & Langston for a handful of years, it’s as if she has been around for decades in terms of her knowledge and abilities. Both of her roles are extremely important and she is equally dedicated to them both. In addition, she took on the role of our Attendance person for most of the school year and didn’t complain once – at least out loud! 🙂 Langston is extremely fortunate to have Ms. Farris and we love to see her being recognized for her hard work and dedication!

Heather Sox
Carlin Springs

Conscientious, motivating, supportive, positive, smart

Ms. Sox works hard, knows best practices, and goes the extra mile for students and staff. She is collaborative, patient and a passionate reading coach who always has the students at the center. She sees the potential in all students and her positivity is contagious. She works hard and that makes others want to do the same. Heather is a strong role model for new teachers and a breath of fresh air for experienced ones. She is laser-focused on what is best for students and won’t stop until she gets what they need. This is what makes Ms. Sox a great asset here at Carlin Springs. You are a true APS All Star!

Kacee Grogan

Dedicated, Empathetic, Caring, Empowering Leader

Ms. Grogan is the school counselor at Drew. Each day she works hard to instill a positive community environment throughout the school. In the morning she can be heard running from floor to floor to check in with individual students daily. She uses these check-ins to help ensure that students can have a positive day. The connections she creates with students are genuine, positive, and purposeful. Not only does Ms. Grogan help students but, she also supports teachers and staff. After a rough day, she checks in on staff to ensure that they are prepared for tomorrow. She provides solutions to problems and helps to maintain a positive community. Overall Ms. Grogan deserves to be recognized for her leadership, collaboration and dedication to Drew. Thank you for being our All Star!

Carolyn Jackson
Long Branch

Phenomenal, Passionate, Dedicated, Funny, Brilliant

Ms. Jackson is a constant bright spot at Long Branch. She comes in early and leaves late. She is deeply committed to building relationships with students, staff, and families. She regularly calls home for good news or to check on students who have since moved on to Middle School. She is joyful and leads with her heart. Students love her and staff depend on her. She is a true transformational leader. Ms. Jackson epitomizes what it’s like to be a true APS All Star and for that, we are super thankful. Thank you!