APS News Release

APS All-District Choir and Music Ensembles

Earlier this week, APS announced the All-District Choir Results.

All District Chorus: High School – Students will rehearse and perform at Marshall High School, February 7-9, 2019. 

  • H-B Woodlawn (9-12)- Maggie Baldwin, Andrew Bracken, Elizabeth Brown, Ellie Cloe, Ephraim Connor, Owen Curtis, Jack Dunham, Lili Dunn, Ben Fleming, Lex Garcia, Grace Goldman, Philip Juras, Alex Keuerleber (alt), Lily Kleymeyer, Andrew London, Evangeline MacEwen, Ellie McCabe (alt), Ella McHugh, Katie Moore, Annabel Mudge, Mayu Ovando, Mary Edith Plunkett, Katie Rau, Ella Rischard, Isabella Russo, Audrey Smith, Brooke Tanner, and Lucy West
  • Wakefield- Amelia Alcorn Rodriguez, Zeta Atoigue (alt), Trunya Joaquin, Carlos Lemus, Lauren Smith, and George Wichard
  • Washington-Lee- Henry Alves, Henry Bedell, Tommy Berenson, Casey Bloome, Joel Brown, Athena Butler-Christodoulou, Alyssa Dozier (alt), Gaston Finger, Caden Henrich, Jack Hughes, Sofia Gerensky-Greene, Annie Griffin, Hudson James Esch, Drew Kellenberger, Brianna Kenealy, Thomas Lynch, Lucy Martin, Richard Martinez, Marissa McDonnell, Mac Nowalk, Mattie Nguyen (alt), Josephine Phillips, Emmarose Price (alt), Greg Roberts, Sofia Sanz-Kimura, Sophie Snider, Mia Tanner, and Molly Wernicke
  • Yorktown- Matthew Carey, Madeline Cooper (alt), Leah Kane, Katherine Marston, Rylei Porter, and Lauren Smythers

All District Chorus: Middle School – Students will rehearse and perform at Marshall High School, February 8-9, 2019.

  • Gunston- Teummulen Bulgantsogt, and Clara Crawford
  • H-B Woodlawn (6-8)- Siddharth Advani, Oliver Andress, Asher Connor, Eli Gaull, and Maegan McBride
  • Kenmore- Elisabeth Corderre, Melyssa Webb, and Jacob Zelaya
  • Swanson- Tessa Baj, Evelyne Breed, Katherine Brydges, Sofia Cropper, Cordelia Davies, Ella Gardner, Noelle George, Olivia Hejl, Philip Holladay, Zoe Nagle, Vian Nguyen, Ann Leslie Riley, Colin Riley, Sofia Reyes, Elizabeth Rupert, Katherine Schurtz, Clara Smith, Julia Troppe, Sadie Wallander, and Caitlin Webster
  • Thomas Jefferson- Sofia Alfonso, Sophia Bartrum, Sarah Eichorn, Ella Godbout, Ellie Gookin, Matthew Gookin, Aria Hernandez, Hope Maobelem, and Samantha Stewart
  • Williamsburg- Sally Adamson, Maysie Bedsole, Clio Cartin, Katherin Dinkelman, Christopher Federico, Eleni Guerrera, Lydia Hall, Ruby Hannigan, Julia Haughery, Maddie Helms, Alannah Hjelm, Philip Johnson, Maya King, Alex Matheny, Katrina Nelson, Ingrid Olen, George Papantoniou, Haley Provost-Goldhamer, Kate Sullivan, John Thomas, Annie Tulley, Amelia Waldman, and Andrew Wright

All Virginia Jazz Ensemble and Senior Honor Choir

Three APS high school students were accepted into the All-Virginia Jazz Ensemble. A performance was given at the Virginia Music Educators Association Conference in Hot Springs, Virginia on Nov. 15 with two nationally acclaimed guest conductors. This prestigious ensemble is available to approximately 40 students around the state who are accepted into one of the two ensembles.

Angel Dominguez, trombone – Washington-Lee High School
Rares “Vlad” Gherman, guitar – Wakefield High School

H-B Woodlawn senior Annabel Mudge, was selected as a member into the 2018 Virginia Music Educators Association Senior Honor Choir. The audition took place at Longwood College October 13. Students performed at the Virginia Music Educators Association’s convention in Hot Springs, VA on Nov. 17. The choir is open only to the top 125 singers from around Virginia and is the highest honor a choir student can attain during his or her high school career. Auditions were open to seniors enrolled in choral programs at their respective schools.

Northern Virginia All-Regional Orchestra
Ten APS high school students were accepted into the Northern Virginia All-Regional Orchestra that performed on Nov. 10 at West Potomac High School in Fairfax. The orchestra is one of four regional orchestras in the state where approximately 110 strings wind and percussion players are accepted via a rigorous audition that took place in September. The top players of each instrumental section are then eligible to audition for the All Virginia Band and Orchestra later in the school year.

Ethan Hemmings, violin – Wakefield High School
Max Hermann, violin – Washington-Lee High School
Sabrina Shuster, violin – Washington-Lee High School
William Holtz, viola – Yorktown High School
Matthew Cummings, cello – Yorktown High School
Emily Mucchetti, cello – Yorktown High School
Charlotte Greenwood, piccolo – Wakefield High School
Alayna Binder, oboe – Yorktown High School
Angel Dominguez, trombone (alt.) – Washington-Lee High School