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19 APS Teachers Earn National Board Certification

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29 additional teachers successfully renewed their certification

National Board Certification is a voluntary assessment program that recognizes, encourages and rewards teachers to strive for excellence. While state licensing systems set basic requirements to teach, teachers who earn National Board Certification have successfully demonstrated advanced teaching knowledge, skills and practices as determined by the NBPTS. Certification is achieved through a rigorous, performance-based assessment that typically takes one to three years to complete. National Board Certification is the “gold standard” of teaching certification.

APS recognizes National Board Certification as part of the Career Advancement Program (CAP). CAP participants may choose National Board Certification as one portfolio option to demonstrate achievement of advanced professional skills and knowledge. The process requires teachers to build a portfolio that includes student work samples, assignments, videotapes and a thorough analysis of their classroom teaching. Additionally, teachers are assessed on their knowledge of the subjects they teach.

For staff that have earned their national board certification or renewed, please let Human Resources know by filling out this form.

19 Total Achieved National Board Certification

Teacher Name School National Board Certificate Area
Ally Ackerman Campbell Elementary Exceptional Needs Specialist
Jenn Alsup Campbell Elementary Exceptional Needs Specialist
Kristin Brynsvold Tuckahoe Elementary Library Media
Elizabeth Carino Kenmore Middle Literacy
Caitlin Davies Wakefield High School Exceptional Needs Specialist
Jennifer Dodd Discovery Elementary Literacy
Kevin Hall Washington-Liberty High School Mathematics
Heather Harvey Carlin Springs Elementary Literacy
Katherine Hedderly Washington-Liberty High School Science
Ashley Hendrix Taylor Elementary Art
Elise Jackson Washington-Liberty High School English Language Arts
Angela Jones Wakefield High School Exceptional Needs Specialist
Tiffani Ker Arlington Traditional School School Counseling
Krystina Lange Arlington Career Center Mathematics
Kelly Leahey Abingdon Elementary Literacy
Antares Leask Arlington Career Center Literacy
Chris Mauthe Wakefield High School Social Studies-History
Lauren Muscarella Abingdon Elementary Art
Gretchen Schule Kenmore Middle Literacy

The following 29 teachers successfully completed their Maintenance of Certification (MOC):

Kimberly Barnes Brenneman Washington-Liberty High School Mathematics
Paul Bui Washington-Liberty High School Career and Technical Education
Greg Cabana Wakefield High School Social Studies-History
Frantzie Cadet Hoffman-Boston Elementary English as a New Language
Kelly Carruthers Wakefield High School School Counseling
Laurie Clark Jamestown Elementary Art
Jennifer Clarke Long Branch Elementary Literacy
Carolyn Crumpler H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program Social Studies-History
Jennifer Dean Washington-Liberty High School Social Studies-History
Peter Farrell Yorktown High School English as a New Language
Meaghan Heiges Barrett Elementary Literacy
Erin Kowalevicz Randolph Elementary Early Childhood Generalist
Gerri Maskelony Arlington Tech/Arlington Career Center Mathematics
Melissa Meck Office of Special Education Exceptional Needs Specialist
Ashley Neal Arlington Career Center Science
Deborah Pettit Wakefield High School English as a New Language
Leyla Plunkett Hoffman-Boston Elementary Middle Childhood Generalist
Hayley Post Williamsburg Middle School English Language Arts
Matthew Przydzial Washington-Liberty High School Mathematics
Stacey Romero Barrett Elementary Early Childhood Generalist
Caitlin Rotchford Jefferson Middle School Mathematics
Nancy Routson Arlington Traditional School Exceptional Needs Specialist
Patricia Salazar Campbell Elementary Exceptional Needs Specialist
Aaron Schuetz Yorktown High School Science
Anne Stewart Yorktown High School Social Studies-History
Sarah Stewart Gunston Middle School Social Studies-History
Abby Tolkan Arlington Science Focus Exceptional Needs Specialist
Wade Turner Campbell Elementary Middle Childhood Generalist
Lauren Worley Innovation Elementary Early Childhood Generalist