APS News Release

 School Board Now Accepting Applications for the ACTL, BAC, and FAC Committees for the 2020-21 School Year

The Arlington School Board values input from parents and members of the community as part of the APS decision-making process. That’s why the school system has established a network of volunteer advisory committees, each one focusing on a specific subject or topic area from instruction to construction.

The Board is currently seeking individuals to serve as members of School Board advisory councils, including the Advisory Council on Teaching and Learning (Formerly Advisory Council on Instruction), the Budget Advisory Council and the Advisory Council on School Facilities and Capital Programs. Information about all advisory groups and applications for the groups can be found on the APS website.

The Board will appoint new members in June to two-year terms to fill any vacancies on these Councils. For more information, contact the School Board office at 703-228-6015.